The idea formed during the accelerator program Blue Revolution hosted by X2 Labs - a Startup Factory. We gathered market information, experience and knowledge from fish farming experts, researchers and key people in the industry. We created a solution based on attractors to diminish sea lice before it becomes a problem.

During our time in the Blue Revolution program we tested a simple prototype, and the results are promising.  

We are now working on an effective, easy to handle and scalable system to attract capture and contain sea lice before the fish get infected.  


Full scale pilot

With funding from The Norwegian Seafood Research Fund and in cooporation With Norwegian Institute for Nature Science, Bremnes Seashore. We conducted a full scale pilot at a local salmon fishfarm owned by Bremnes Seashore. With a full installation our system was running in full capacity and not interfering with the fish or fishpen.



Our Mission

The 10 billion NOK problem of sea lice infection in Norway alone is troubling the fish farming industry resulting in loss of profit and decrease in growth. We want to provide a solution preventing sea lice now, giving instant relief of the problem.

 Attract - Capture - Contain


“If you have a good solution for sea lice prevention, we are intrested in cooperating with you to get it to the marked”
— Ola Hausken, AKVA Group.

What We've already Achieved

Developed successful solution preventing sea lice

        Successful prototype test at fish farming facility with promising result

   Recieved funding and support from Innovasjon Norge

  Pending patent for our unique solution