In early 2017 we formed Blue Lice. Four aspiring individuals had a mission to make a company in the fish farming industry and create a sustainable solution reducing the sea lice problem. 

We started out by listening to fish farming experts, researchers and industry experts who had been digging deep in to the problem of sea lice.

The four of us together with X2 Labs formed Blue Lice with a great combination of personality and skill. We have had a fast progress from day one and are now ready for a full scale pilot project to validate our solution.  

We also have international marked value. Sea lice is a problem worldwide and with small modifications our solution is ready to prevent sea lice in fish farms all over the world. 



Team Blue LICE


Karoline Sjødal Olsen newly finished her MSc. in Marine Technology at NTNU specializing in hydrodynamics. During her studies she switched focus from the oil and gas industry to the aquaculture industry. In her 3rd year at NTNU she partisipated in a project designing a salmon processing vessel recognized by Marine Harvest. This sparked the interest for the industry. Karoline motivates the team by coordinating tasks constantly pushing towards our goals with grit and passion.

Master Thesis: "Impacts of Mechanical Properties and Blade Morphology on Seaweed Hydrodynamics in Steady Flow". 


Lars-Kristian Opstad has a background in media, communication and sales. He has experience in Project Coordination from National Oilwell Varco. As our Operation Manager he designs and implements our solution towards the customer in the possible best way. Lars-Kristian has a critical eye combined with a positive attitude bringing a valuable voice to discussion. He also tells the story of Blue Lice to everyone who wants to listen. 


Gry Løkke has a Msc. in Chemical Engineering from NTNU and has 20 years of experience from the oil and gas industry. Her experience from structured and safety oriented work benefits our team creating new safe innovative solutions for the aquaculture industry. Gry has a drive and intellect bringing Blue Lice forward at hyper-speed just as we like it. 


Kjetil Rugland has a BSc. in Marketing and Project Management from BI Norwegian Business School. Kjetil has an ability to listen and give valuable thoughts to a discussion. He brings great value to the team with his excellent skills in marketing and deals.